Letter from the Chairman

In a perfect world, legal services will be available for all slabs of community, ranging from free Legal Aid to the top multinational legal firms. Corporate and other Legal services in such a big booming economy, as the UAE economy are currently provided by a limited number of large legal firms. There is a big gap in this regard where small and medium size businesses would do business either without legal consultation and guidance. Therefore, a small agile legal consultancy company, as our firm, would bridge the gap by providing:

  • Affordable legal services
  • Accurate legal consultations in compliance with UAE and International laws
  • Experienced and well versed lawyers in various sectors
  • Enhance legal awareness in the business and industry communities
  • Quality assistance towards compliance in the different fields of law

We are well aware that the right of appearance in Courts is limited to certain national lawyers. Our view is that if a client were to request advice/legal opinion in a matter that involve litigation, we would give the proper advice and recommend a suitable law firm to conduct the litigation in consultation with us. This would be similar to the role of a solicitor or City Law firm in the English practice. The Partners in this firm have a compounded experience of more than sixty years (as a group), out of which a collective period of around thirty four years are in the UAE. The firm has excellent experience and can provide practical, considered, well thought and tested legal opinion in, inter alia, Corporate, Telecom, Compliance, Insurance, contract, Mergers & Acquisitions, company and other fields of law.